It’s Party Time!

There’s not many things I love more than planning a good party and having children helps feed that obsession!  My youngest son, Max will turn one next month and I am so excited to give my little boy an unforgettable, first birthday party.  I can’t believe my little baby is turning one already.  Every time he hits a major milestone i.e teething and walking, I get a ting of sadness.  Max is likely my last baby so I want to nuzzle his little neck and get as many baby snuggles as I can get while they last.

Max and his signature mohawk

Let me put a little disclaimer out there; I confess that I’m a mom who goes a little overboard with her kid’s parties, especially the first one.  A friend of mine once told me that from now on I’ll have to give cartoon-character themed parties and give in to a little person’s opinions so I should enjoy planning the first one.  Duly noted and agreed!

Max’s party will feature a bow tie and balloon theme with turquoise, chartreuse, and splashes of grey as the color scheme.  Here’s a sneak peek of the invitation.

I designed the invitation using illustrator.  My plan is to add a couple of fun photos of the birthday boy to the back of the invitation and package the invites in some extra special packaging to be mailed out.

My brain has been in overdrive trying to pair down the ideas for this party.  My goal is to make his eyes light up when enters the room.  I think I’m on the right road!

Stay tuned for updates on the party planning process.

Love y’all,

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