We’ve got your back Robin

Not only is Robin Roberts a southern girl (Pass Christian, Mississippi) she’s also a big hearted, warm, beautiful individual who always carries herself with great grace.  I’ve stuck with Good Morning America instead of switching to The Today Show because of her and the reporting that she does. 
This morning Robin announced she is facing a new health fight.  This time with MDS, a rare blood disorder that can be caused by chemotherapy which was used to help her beat a breast cancer diagnosis five-years ago.  

Robin, me and so many others, I’m sure, are praying for you.  We’ll continue to believe God for you complete restoration to health.  Your faith and your grace shine through each day on the broadcast and you make me proud to call myself a southern woman.  I feel like I know you, like you’re somebody I would sit on the front porch with underneath some big ole ferns looking at the crepe myrtles and laughing while we drink some tea and wave to the cars passing by. 

You’ll be in my prayers.  Not only for a speedy recovery but also for peace, strength and rest as you walk this journey.

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