Defining My Style

While reading one of my favorite home design blogs today, I ran across a quiz from one of my favorite stores, Home Goods called Find Your Style.  I don’t know about you but I get a kick out of taking online quizzes and seeing how close they come to capturing who I am.  

This quiz was only ten questions but I thought it summed up not only my decorating style but also my style of entertaining and hospitality values.  In fact, the only things I don’t think it pegged were the suggested colors and design challenge. I’m very organized and the colors they suggested as my happy colors are definitely not ones I’m attracted to.  I don’t necessarily hate them but I couldn’t see using them in my home.

Here are my results:

To take the quiz, go to Find My Style Quiz. If you take it, be sure to come back and share your results.

Love y’all,

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