Your PURPOSE and PRESENCE should demand attention

You know you have skills and talent but they're not always recognized when it matters the most. That's why I developed a series of workshops that help you WOW!

Your Path to Confident Success



Define what makes you standout in a crowded market



Refine your power to to inspire confidence in your talents & abilities



Advance with confidence towards your goals & dreams


With our workshops you can master critical skills and apply game-changing strategies
to improve your career or business, vision, and leadership.

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Becoming You Web

Becoming You: Discovering your unique advantage

Length: 90 minutes

In this exhilarating session, you'll discover the distinct lens through which the world sees you and learn how to use that lens to your advantage as you advance in your business or career.

Together we'll:

  • Discover your unique qualities, skills and personal strengths
  • Recognize the communication trait that can limit your effectiveness.
  • Learn to communicate the value you deliver & stand out from the crowd.
outclass competition

Outclass the Competition

Length: 2 hours

In a rapidly expanding global economy, you need to distinguish yourself from the competition. This workshop provides tools that give you an advantage in any business situation. Think of it as a modern day finishing school that gives you a distinct advantage.

You will learn and put into action:

  • How to make an entrance
  • Introducing yourself and others
  • Projecting confidence
  • Table etiquette and styles of dining

Ready, Set, Succeed

Length: 2 hours

This workshop is designed to give young adults the social skills necessary to help them mature into confident, self-assured and successful adults

You'll Learn:

  • Positive First Impressions
  • Dress, Grooming and Style
  • Becoming internet savvy
  • Formal Dining Skills

Outside of my regular workshops, you can also book me to custom design workshops that help your entire team advance

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Hey there!
I'm Madelyn.

As a personal branding strategist, I know that creating a brand that embodies and celebrates your unique advantages is essential to you being able to show up confidently and authentically. And that's what I love doing- helping career & business professionals define and refine their personal brands, so they advance with confidence.

My years as a master trainer, program developer, and etiquette professional allow me to gracefully guide you through my signature process, The Art of the Advantage, to help you define your brand and polish your presence. Because — honestly — there's nothing more invigorating than helping professionals like you show up with the edge they deserve.

We'll craft a cohesive brand strategy that grows with you and helps you show up as the most authentic and refined version of yourself.

Become more of who you were meant to be