Define & refine your "it" factor.

Personal branding and etiquette strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Advance your career.

Outshine your competition.

Own your genius.

Getting overlooked?

It happens all the time.

Two bright, young professionals with the same education, the same experience, and the same drive. One gets the opportunity, while the other keeps getting glossed over.

The difference is their presence.

Your presence should demand attention.



The power to inspire confidence in your talents and abilities.


Hey there!
I'm Madelyn.

When I turned 30, I looked around and realized I wasn't where I thought I would be. So, I did a hard stop, changed my approach, and redefined how I was going to engage the world.

As a certified etiquette consultant and master trainer, I've developed a system to help you polish your presence, too. Because — honestly — there's nothing more invigorating then helping professionals like you show up with the edge they deserve.


We start by defining your strengths and talents. I call this part "developing your career brand," and it's anchored by establishing where you want to go.


Then, we refine the areas we've identified as "gaps" that need a little extra polish, like communication or presentation skills, or whatever stands out most for you.

Don't Hold Back

With the right guidance, you'll be expertly positioned to live out your ideal career in your genius zone.

Truth is — 85% of getting and keeping a job you love depends on your soft skills

My approach is called:

The Art of the Advantage

You can master it in the way that makes the most sense for you.

Hire Me for Individual Coaching

Get the program personalized for you in one-on-one coaching.

Grow with a Small Group of Your Peers

Take one of my onsite classes or join a small group of like-minded individuals and learn together.

Learn with Community in a Mastermind Group

Opening just twice a year, this larger group is the most cost-effective way to learn.

Let's talk about your best option.

We'll cover things like these (and a whole lot more):

Developing Your Brand

By identifying your instinctive communication style and how you connect with others, we can develop your unique brand.

Naming Your Mission

We'll clarify a mission statement that's fresh and personal to you, so it can guide your steps towards achieving goals.

Polishing Your Etiquette

Achieving professional success depends largely on how you interact with others, so I'll help you develop superb relational skills!

Finding Your Genius

Everyone has innate abilities or talents. By identifying yours, you can capitalize on the gifts you have to offer the world.

Perfecting Your Presence

Focusing on five key areas, we'll develop your presence, which will help you you carry yourself with confidence.

Enhancing Your Communication

From body language to emails to social media, we'll dig in and develop concise, effective, friendly communication skills.

Bring presence to your event.

Here are a few of my most popular talks.

What is your Unique Advantage?

The Polished Professional

Outclass the Competition

You Choose! Request a custom topic.

You deserve more than mediocre.

I know you want to be recognized and promoted for your talents and hard work. The problem is, others don't always see your brilliance. In order to stand out, you need skills and guidance to help you grow as a professional.

I believe the world needs your genius and you need to outshine your competition. I understand what it's like to see the career you want and a better life just out of your reach, which is why, as a certified etiquette consultant and master trainer, I've developed a system to help you polish your presence, so that you truly shine.

Define the life you want. Then, go get it.


Five Skills Every
Growing Professional
Needs to Advance


Own your genius.

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