Mrs. Wiggins

I’m not one to name furniture or other items but as I was painting my secretary, all I could think of was my favorite character from the Carol Burnett Show- Mrs. Wiggins, the blond, scatter brained secretary played by Carol Burnett.  Boy, did I love to watch that show growing up! Probably not the best viewing for a 6 year old but I digress.

I originally got the urge for a secretary when I saw Eddie Ross’ secretary re-do via pinterest

Isn’t it lovely?
For weeks I scoured craigslist to find a replica of Eddies’s but to no avail.  Just when I had given up hope and resigned myself to the fact that all the great secretary deals had been lost, I found a craigslist posting that didn’t have a picture but advertised an antique secretary for sale.  Now usually I don’t even look at postings like that.  I usually view it as a sign of laziness if the seller can’t or won’t post pictures.  If I have to go through the effort of texting or e-mailing to get a picture that could’ve been posted from a cell phone when the craigslist posting was created,  I usually won’t give the seller a chance to get my business. This time I took a chance and contacted the seller.  I was desperate, ya’ll;  I wanted something to makeover!  
I called the seller and it was still available!  I instantly liked it and told him I would take it after giving my husband the secret “do you think it’s not a piece of junk and it’s okay to buy?” look and getting the “go ahead and buy it if you want” look.  Don’t you just love secret husband/wife communications?
Here is what I brought home that day:

It doesn’t have the attached hutch like the inspiration piece but I was okay with that since I felt a hutch might be too much visually in my room. I  know some of  you are shaking your head and saying I shouldn’t have touched it but what you can’t see are a bunch of scuff marks and the wear and tear the piece had.  I am also by no means a wood purist.  I will paint a piece in a heartbeat so I had no problem envisioning this piece being another color.
The secretary sat in my living room several months while I made sure I liked it in the space.  Once I knew it was staying, I went to work.  I didn’t take pictures of the steps during the transformation but I will make sure to do capture the entire process next time to share with y’all.  
Without further ado I give you the afters:

It really brightens the room up!

The color is Sherwin Williams Dover White, which came highly recommended by my friend Shanna.  The lamp and lampshade are both from Target.  I plan to spruce it up eventually with ribbon once I decide on an accent color.  The ceramic artichoke is from Hobby Lobby while the mirror and vintage,musical car are from a recent estate sale.  Here is a close up of the car. Isn’t it adorable?
What do you think?  What have you made over lately?
Love y’all,