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I recently ordered some new spring clothes from Talbots.  Before you say “no she didn’t order clothes from that old lady store!”, you should really give Talbots another look.  I find their clothes to be a fresh take on traditional clothes. Fun colors, well made clothes for all shapes and sizes, and modern yet classic clothes; that’s what Talbots now offers.  See for yourself.

You, really should check out their website if you haven’t lately. Now on to the real reason for this post.

The last two items are ones that I purchased on a recent sale.  I wasn’t quire sure how the dress would work with my body type so I ordered the skirt in cream as a back-up.  The dress looked awesome on me so I decided to return the skirt.  The sales staff were extremely friendly and helpful so I left the store feeling good about the hospitality I had received, yet again, from Talbots.  

This morning I checked my e-mail to find this:

I was really impressed when I received this.  They went the extra mile to contact me and thank me for my business even though I was returning and not buying clothes from them.  I know it was an automated response triggered by the salesperson scanning the receipt but the fact that Talbots went to extra mile to set the response up and made notice that I’d interacted with them, impressed me.  I’ll definitely be shopping with them again, not just because of the e-mail but because of the entire experience I have when shopping with Talbots.  

The clothes I receive when placing an order with Talbots are always beautifully packaged as if someone took time and hand wrapped them.  Their customer service representatives are always friendly about answering questions when I call or chat with them and they add small, yet noticeable details to their clothing that make me feel special as a customer.

That’s what I call hospitality.  The touches may be small things but to me, their guest, Talbots shows me they value me and want to see me again.  

That’s what you’ll receive when working with Madelyn Ridgeway Events. Attention to detail, courteous staff and a real sense of love and appreciation for your business.  Most of all, it’s what we strive to help you communicate to the guests at  your event.  Each guest should leave your event feeling loved and wowed.

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Love y’all,