Woodland Baby Shower

This summer I had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower for my friend Morgan.  Morgan was once a nanny for our boys and we became really good friends during that time so I was over-the-hill-excited when she told me she was pregnant! I immediately declared “I’m giving you a baby shower!”

Morgan’s favorite store is Anthropologie so that’s where the ideas started to flow from.  I wanted an event that was intimate, full of color, rustic and somewhat eclectic; all of which I think of when I think of Anthro so I eventually settled on a woodland chic theme with a dose of monogram for good measure.

As fortune would have it, I had the cutest white, wood grain invitation pouches I had accidentally ordered that provided the perfect foundation for the invitations.  The details make an event so I focused on making sure the mom-to-be felt loved and each guest felt they were a part of something special.

M87A0174 copy

The mom-to-be and her mother-in-law entering the shower.

M87A0244 copy


I didn’t necessarily want to play a traditional party game so I created a game called “Who’s that Baby” and had each guest who wanted to participate send me a baby picture of herself. Each participant’s name was put on the list on the right with a blank.  The guest who guessed the most correct matches won the prize. A special shout to anybody who can figure out which baby I am!


baby game

Aren’t these vintage schoolhouse chairs lovely?

M87A0229 copy

M87A0190 copy

 Brunch was on the menu for the day. Besides a yogurt bar and fruit, quiche, southern ham biscuits, and homemade lemon, pound cake cupcakes were also served.



Perhaps one of my most favorite elements of the day was the guest book.  Instead of a traditional guestbook, I opted to go with a photo guest book based on the three words concept originated by Good Morning America.  Guests were asked to give words of wisdom or thoughts for Morgan using just three words.  Below is a sample of some of the photos we captured.






I’ll end with a picture of Morgan and me.  To say it was a pleasure throwing this baby shower would be an understatement.  I now get the pleasure of cuddling and playing with sweet, Baby B also.


Pink and Gold Bridal Shower

                                   2.  Jennifer Bergman Weddings via Cynthia Martyn Events
                                   3. via
                                   6.  Lovely Little Parties via

Today I’m featuring the inspiration board for an upcoming bridal shower I was asked to style and plan.  The hostess and bride’s sister, had no clue where to start but she knew she wanted to host a memorable event for her sister.  That’s where I stepped in!

The inspiration for this shower came from some beautiful gold containers I found a while back at my local go-to source for  home accessories and decor.  The store frequently marks items down to almost  ninety- yes 90% off.  When I originally spotted my inspiration pieces, they were only 70% off the original price. Nice but still not the steal bargain I was looking for.  I found out from the manager that additional markdowns are taken the first week of each month so I patiently waited…..The first month- no change, second month- no change and three of them were purchased by someone else.  Should I hold out?  I decided to take a chance. Finally, I hit the jackpot and got each of the beautiful gold containers for $4.99 each!  I quickly grabbed all three that were left and their little gold sisters and brothers.  

I’m so excited to be working on this bridal shower with Leslie.  When she completed the client questionnaire, I got an immediate sense of how much she loved her sister and wanted this to be a special day for her.  Don’t worry, Leslie.  You’re in good hands.

Love y’all,