It’s finally here!

I can’t believe today is finally here!  For the past couple weeks I’ve tried to figure out what I would say when the time finally came to write this post and to be frank, as I sit here typing, I’m still not completely sure what will come out.  Today is the culmination of many years of work.  If you mix together lots of starting, stopping, some fear of failure, lots of ah-ha’s, dreams, ideas, support from family, friends and some great professionals, praying and a great desire to walk in a God-given calling and use my gifts, you have what you see before you today; the new Madelyn Ridgeway Events website & blog! I finally have a place I’m proud to call home for what I think of as my third baby, my business.

Here is the brand board that started it all:

MRE inspiration


I worked with Tara & Kathleen, sisters and the masterminds behind Braid Creative to take all the ideas I had floating around inside my head and heart and craft a plan for my business & brand using their braid method. The wonderfully awesome, Kate Baird, of Katelyn Brooke Designs created my new brand identity that included a beautiful, calligraphy logo, by Moya Minns  of MM Ink.  I can’t say enough good things about the lovely ladies I worked with to make this day come to pass. Not only were each of them professional and good at what they do, each of them was fun to work with too!

Join me the rest of the week as I share other pieces of my brand and what each part means.  One thing I’ve learned throughout this process is that a brand is not just a logo but a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships at it’s very least.

To celebrate the launch, I’ll be sending one reader a sweet little package filled with some of my favorite things! Check back tomorrow for more details.  In the meantime, grab a glass of sweet tea and browse around the new website.  There are a lot of fun touches I’m so proud to share with y’all!

Welcome to the new Madelyn Ridgeway Events!