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2013-wordoftheyearWhew! That’s me breathing a sigh of relief that 2012 is behind me.  It was a tough year for me.  Sadly, I can’t say that any one big thing happened, it was just a bunch of little things that happened or never happened.

You may remember my post from last year about my word for 2012.  Little did I know when I pledged to be resolute for the year that I would be challenged from every direction.



My goal for 2012 was to be resolute in pursuing my dreams and staying the course.  It was challenging but I’m glad to say I’m as convinced as ever that I’m on the right course. I’m proud to say that despite many personal and professional challenges in 2012, I stay resolved to pursuing the purpose God has for my life.  Ironically, it was the challenges that have helped me see I’m on the right road.  I mean seriously, how many great dreams have you seen that came easy? Most often, great dreams or God dreams, require you to have a great resolve to accomplish them.

Because my word for 2012 seemed to challenge me so much, I was very cautious as I prayed about what my word for 2013 would be. I didn’t take the task lightly.  I soon came to realize that pursue was the perfect word for the new year.  It really does make perfect sense when I think about it.  In order to pursue something, you really should have a resolve that it’s the right thing to go after.

Webster’s dictionary defines purse as:

1.to follow in order to overtake, capture, kill, or defeat

2.to find or employ measures to obtain or accomplish

3. to proceed along.

4. a. to engage in

 b : to follow up or proceed with
There it is.  My goal for 2013 is to pursue all those things I’ve resolved in my heart are for me; joy, success, peace, and most of all love in every area of my life.
Stay tuned because you’ll see big things happen with me and Madelyn Ridgeway Events this year; I know it.  You’ll see things materialize that have been in my heart for a long time.  Things I have to share with the world and make it a better place.
Love y’all,

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