The many hats of Solomon

My oldest son Solomon, has always been a hat lover and a bit of a ham.  Even as a newborn he never flinched when we put a hat on him.  As he’s grown older, he’s continued with his love of hats much like his Pattycake. He will literally use just about anything as a hat.  As I said, he’s such a ham!

As I was going through the pictures on my Iphone recently, I started noticing a trend among the pictures of Solomon; he likes to pose in a hat! I put together this collage with maybe one-half hat pictures I have of Solomon.  The scary thing is they get goofier.

Solomon's-HatsWhat about you, do you like wearing hats?

Love y’all,



1 thought on “The many hats of Solomon”

  1. I love the spontaneity and uninhibited nature of kids! And the creativity! He sees a hat in so many things. Let’s hope he never stops being creative and uninhibited. Maybe not always with a pot or basket on his head…..

    I remember some pics of him in his little suit and some cool sunglasses, and I love the pic above in the little chair. Let’s hope that when he gets older, he appreciates those pics enough to forgive you for these!

    I love hats–the many styles, shapes, fabrics, colors, embellishments. One looks so dressed up in a hat. I love to shop for them. However, I do not wear hats. When I try them on I think I look funny. Too inhibited to carry them off, I guess.

    Madelyn, do you have any of your Grandmother’s wonderful hats? When do you wear a hat?

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