A note of Thanks- Part II

There are many reasons to write a thank-you note. The people who receive your notes are sure to remember your kindness and think more highly of you.  A simple thank-you note can change the course of your life or the recipient’s life. 

Here are my top three reasons for sending thank-you notes:

1.  People feel appreciated
Gifts are should be given out of the kindness of one’s heart so while a big hurrah is not always wanted or warranted, it can serve to build relationships, show gratitude and ease someone’s mind.  I know the last suggestion seems off but think about this; if you send a gift to someone in the mail or leave it at a guest table and never receive a thank-you note or acknowledgement of the gift, you could be left wondering forever if the gift was received. A simple thank-you note sent in a timely manner can remedy the awkwardness of the sender needing to call and check on the gift as well as the inevitable embarrassment of the recipient receiving that call.

2.  Little things matter
Suppose you’re one of the top three candidates up for an amazing job opportunity.  Each of the three candidates look alike on paper; college degree, great work experience, cheerful disposition, etc.  After your interview, you drop a nicely written thank-you note in the mail to the CEO of the company who interviewed you and the other two candidates don’t.  Who do you think stands out the most?  As someone who has hired many employees over the years, I always appreciate a candidate who takes the time to sit down and send a follow-up thank-you note for my time and consideration.

Likewise, the person who gifted you or went out of their way to help you, would appreciate the time you took to craft a thoughtful note in response to their goodness.

3.  Getting mail rocks!
I have a confession- I love getting mail; I have ever since I was a child!  My husband and mother joke that I will go outside in the middle of the night or in a snowstorm to get the mail.  There’s just something exhilarating to me about receiving a letter addressed to me.   Now I must admit, I don’t necessarily like getting bills but whenever I see a card, especially a hand written note or card, I get excited and feel very special.  This person cared enough to take time out of their schedule and acknowledge me.  How special is that!
I have notes written to me over the years that I cherish and still keep to this day.  Some of them are very short and don’t say anything particularly overwhelming but I received them at such a crucial point in my life that I keep them to remind me of where I was and how far I’ve come.  

Remember I mentioned that a note can change someone’s life?  Let me give you a recent example:
Recently I received a very sweet and heartfelt card of thanks from another young mom I know.  She expressed thanks to me for doing some things that while I did them out of kindness, I didn’t think the acts were anything major.  In her note, the mom expressed to me how much my act meant to her and how grateful she was for my husband and I.  First of all, I was grateful to get the note.  Secondly, that note said to me that every little thing I do can affect somebody in a positive way, even when I don’t think it is.  It encouraged me to seek out ways to give and be a blessing to others.  I love knowing that little things I do can make a big difference.  Her note changed my outlook on life.  Before the note, I was pretty caught up in the daily grind.  I was only focused on doing what I needed to survive, not really thinking about others very much.  I know that’s not the right way to be but I’m being honest. Her note, helped me change my outlook.  For that I’m really grateful.

Has a thank-you note changed your life?  

Love y’all,


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