Happy Birthday Max!

Today my baby boy, Jonathan Maxwell, turns one year old!  I can’t believe a year has passed since we welcomed this special little boy into our family.  I have to admit that I was quite upset when I found out I was having another boy because I desperately wanted a girl.  Now I can’t believe I ever fretted over such a thing.  I could never imagine my life without my little Maxie.  His BFF, Ms. Morgan, calls him the house greeter because he greets everyone with a huge smile and squeal when you enter.  He’s a loving, snuggle bug and a huge Mama’s boy which I’m so proud of.

Last Saturday we gave Max a bow ties and balloon themed birthday at the Phelps Youth Pavilion in Waterloo.  Mike, Carolyn and their staff were extremely helpful and accommodating.  All the attendees loved being able to have access to the youth pavilion all day.  I would highly recommend the venue to any parents looking for a fun and family friendly place to host your child’s party.

Here are some of the details of Max’s 1st birthday party:

Each guests received a handmade bow tie with their invitation and was asked to wear it to the party.  I was inspired by the party Emily Ley gave her son which also featured a bow tie theme.

Each invitation received it’s own specially tied bow and was placed in a clear mailing envelope.  I love sending special correspondence in these envelopes.  Recipients have told me it feels like they’re receiving a special gift.

Each child received a bow tie cookie, bouncing balloon and play dough as a party favor.

Guests were able to make their own yogurt parfaits.  So yummy and fun!

This is an antique, galvanized double tub I refinished to use as a beverage holder for parties.  It was a steal and turned out to be so cute.  I’ll share the refinishing process with y’all soon.

One of my favorite parts of the day was the photo booth!  We got some really good shots.  Everybody got into striking a pose.

This is my oldest son, Solomon.  He can be Mr. Serious sometimes but he’s really a funny little snuggle muffin.  Don’t you love his little bow tie?

Even the youngest guests jumped on the bow tie wearing bandwagon.

Ms. Mornin Morgan

Last but not least, fun shots from the photo booth!


By far, my most favorite picture of the day!  Their Dad even managed to get his arm in the picture!

Love y’all!

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