Thank-you note writing

Tomorrow I’ll be launching a new, multi-day series on thank-you note writing. This will serve as a guide to help you become a more gracious host and insure you close the doors on your event with a special note that will leave the recipient full of love and appreciation.

Not only will I discuss the mechanics of a thank-you note, I’ll also give you the history behind this token and hopefully help you see why a thoughtful thank-you is not just for Emily Post’s generation.  We’ll delve into stationery,  writing instruments and address stamps as well.

I’ve committed to writing more letters this year to the people I care about.  While I can appreciate e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and all the technological advancements that make sending a note quick and easy, there’s something about a handwritten note that leaves a lasting impression for years to come.  

Be sure to check-in and tell me what you think!  If you have any particular questions you would like answered, leave them in the comments below

Love y’all,

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